Saturday, December 15, 2012

To Look Through A Childs Eyes

     I love spending time with my sister and her little man aka my sweet nephew. It doesn't matter what we do as long as we spend time together. This day actually happened several weeks ago but I'm just now getting around to writing about it. :)

     I met Karen and Kason in Trenton and rode with them to Gainesville. Karen had a dentist appointment so I went with her so I could watch Kason while she could be seen.

     Kason and I sat in the waiting room when Karen was called to the back. I'm so glad Kason has manners, he's not hyper, and just a well behaved little fella. What did we do you may ask? We read books, I took tons of pics of him with my iPhone (forgive me for the quality of these photos), he played with his trucks, we ate little gold fish crackers, (I totally forgot how good those were!),& we took three potty breaks (for Kason). That meant I had to pack up all of his little toys, books and snacks just to go to the bathroom. I wouldn't dare leave his things in the waiting room. Here's a few pics I took while in the waiting room:

He has a "play" phone!

He loved this book. I took a pic so I can search for it on ebay!

He's busy reading....

I said, "Kason will you go stand by the Christmas tree so I can get a pic?" He said, "yes mam". I love his good manners!

It was fun watching Kason play and reading him stories. It's amazing how something so simple was so enjoyable. We left the dentist office and went to the Family Christian Bookstore (one of our most favorite places to go). Then we decided to go to the Oaks Mall. Karen really wanted to get a personalized ornament so off to the mall we went. We unloaded Kason's stroller and headed inside.

Guess what Kason spotted? Hehehe...those dog gone ride on cars! He asked his Mommy if he could ride one and I mean who could tell the little fella no? So he picked a helicopter but quickly decided that wasn't for him. He then found one that he liked. He rode it and then his ride finished so he jumped out and had go get in another one. He didn't get to "ride" it, just sit in it. He was completely fine with that. It doesn't take much to make him happy. 

He decided this wasn't for him!

Oh the joys of being a kid!

We rounded the corner heading towards the ornament store and guess what he spots? I'll give you a hint: Choo Choo! Yes, the train!!! $6.00 later he and Karen are riding around in the mall! It was priceless. They were the only ones on the train and they rode in the caboose! He thought he was big stuff riding the train! I enjoyed seeing this adventure through his eyes. 

Mr. Happy!

The driver told Kason to holler if he saw rain deer or Santa Claus! I could tell he enjoyed his job!

I've been living life today through Kason's eyes. We had an absolute ball! 

There's more to this FUN day!! The best part will be in part 2! ( hint: Build a Bear & Santa Claus!)

Until Next Time~


Carrie said...

Kason is such a doll! I know all about those rides in the mall. Allie Claire always wants to ride the ice cream truck! Praise the Lord, we've managed to dodge the train so far :) Ha!