Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Kason Lane!!!!

     I can't believe my little nephew has turned THREE years old! Wow! Talking about time flying. Karen went with a cowboy themed birthday for this little cowboy. He dearly loves his guns, cowboy movies, & his bouncy horse. He will ride his horse, watch his movie and shoot the bad guys! Honestly they could pack all of his toys except for his guns and horse and he would be just fine!

     I think what impressed me most about the party wasn't the decorations or even the cup cakes (even though I loved both), it was his manners!! He would open a present, look around the room until he found the person and then would thank them for his gift!!!! It blew my mind. He really impressed this aunt!! (great job, Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!)

Here's some of my favorite pics from the afternoon:

I loved the burlap runner, the red bandana napkins and the cupcakes were delicious!

So cute! 

These little burlap goodie bags for the kids were too cute! (inside little stick on moustache's!!)

I'm so proud to say I made this bday banner for Kason's party! Thank goodness for my Cricut! :)

Hold'em up mister!!

Time to blow out the candle! 

Yummy!!! See the gun in the front of his pants pocket? lol

He had so much fun unwrapping presents!

He's thanking his Uncle Robert for his gift!! 

He was giving "thank you" hugs!

Charity and Aunt Kathie! 

Fun times!

The sweet birthday boy!


Granny and Karen! Two of my favorite people!!!

After the party and he's ready to ride!!! (& he's watching his cowboy movie!)

Ready to lasso!!

The sweet parents!!!

Jay helping his son! That's what Dads are for! :)

LOL!!! So precious!!

Uncle Chuckie helping Kason roll up his lasso!

Nannie and Brandon!

Colby and I!

Sarah and I.. :)

Sarah and Colby!

We had such a great time watching Kason open his presents! I just still can't believe he's 3!!!