Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's Help!!!

I'm so proud of my sweet sister, Karen Driggers, for stepping up to the plate and helping this little boy named Michael. She saw the need that this family has and has been collecting monies and gifts to send to little Michael. 

I k
now we all including myself take for granted in having our healthy children. But what if they weren't healthy and we couldn't honestly do anything about it. We would definitely be praying and would greatly appreciate any kind of help that we could get. So please take 5 minutes out of your day and read this STORY.  Maybe you can help in some small way? I know that is on my list of goals for send a care package to Michael. I'm saying this to hold my self accountable. It's so easy in our busy life to have good intentions to do something and then a month passes and I still haven't done anything. 

Thank you Karen for all you do to help not only this family but many others throughout the year. You are inspiring to me!!!!!! You make this big sister very proud!! I love ya bunches.