Friday, July 30, 2010

Lucky Consignment Shop Treasure Found By My Sweet Moma!

I have a pretty neat story to tell about the picture below! To the ordinary person it's just a cute country picture, but to me it represents my son Branon to a "T". This is a Danbury Mint collectors plate about 6 inches in diameter.
The very first time I saw this picture was in the coupon section of a Sunday's paper. You know the little section of the coupons where they try to get you to buy collector items. Well when I saw this I could not believe it, because this totally represents who Brandon was at this time in his life. Brandon was right around the same age as this little boy. Brandon's favorite color was yellow and yep this little boy has a yellow cap on. Also at this time Brandon's Granny & Grandpa Eastman had puppies which were the same color as these puppies! Also up in the barn loft is a man which we said was Grandpa Eastman and then out in the field is another man which we said was Brandon's Dad. Out in the field is a dairy cafe which reprsents the cow Brandon's Dad had raised from a baby & yes it was a black & white dairy cow. So we this was Samantha the diary cow.  Brandon loved wearing overalls at this age so of course that fitted him too. Brandon did have a small tractor like this one except it was blue which means a Ford tractor instead of the John Deere tractor in this picture. So with all these considences we said this had to be Brandon!!! 
I wanted to order the plate so bad but at this time in our life we were very tight on money. I was staying home with our two children and also babysitting two more . This basically provided grocery money for us so there was no way I could afford to buy this plate. (It was about $60.00 to $70.00). So instead I made sure I cut the picture out and put it on our bullentin board.
Well about 7 years later I did get to buy this picture  and we gave it to Brandon for his birthday. (Who knows exactly which birthday?? He was probably around 10 or 11)  Brandon loved it!! He is such a collector. He actually keeps it wrapped up in its orginal packaging and put away in a safe spot & he is now 18 years old!!
Well another 8-9 years went by and this past week my Moma called me to tell me what had came in at my sister's consignment shop....guess what? This same print except in a big 11x14 size!!!!! I got so excited!!! Not only does Brandon have the collectors plate but I now have a large framed print! I can't wait to hang it in my living room. Some peoples junk is another ones treasure!!! Thank goodness for the person who decided they could know longer keep the picture & bring it to the consignment shop because it now I am able to have my copy which I am treasuring!!
Thanks Moma for thinking about Brandon & I when you found this picture! :)