Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Mini Vacation to Atlanta Motor Speedway / Nascar Race / Labor Day Weekend

Chuckie, and Frances (my Mother in Law) & I have been looking forward to this weekend, a mini vacation for a much needed relaxing weekend. Brandon came with them on Friday afternoon Sept. 4, 2010 so he could pick my vechicle up and drive it back to good ole' Trenton. He actually drove to Gainesville & pulled the camper for the very first time!! It did save us about 1hr being able to leave from Gainesville. All we had to do was hop onto I-75 and head north. We left Gainesville at 5:15pm

We stopped at McDonalds at Exit 5 in Georgia and ordered our food to go and also got some diesel. I of course had to have a strawberry banana smoothie with my meal! Delicious smoothie!!

We arrived at the track around 11:15pm. We made great time!! The traffic wasn't near as bad as I had expected since it was a holiday weekend.

We woke up on Saturday morning to the sound of the jet dryers going around the track. For y'all that have never been to a Nascar Race these jet dryers is exactly what it sounds like...jet engines that are blow drying the track. When you have 3 or 4 of these going at the same time it is LOUD! They do get the job done! Just don't think you're falling back to sleep because it's not going to happen!

We are fortunate enough to be able to camp right in the middle of the track at turn 1!! Aunt Ruthie & Uncle Gene have a camping spot there & the guy that has the spot next to them lets us buy his spot when he's not going to be there. This spot is one of the best spots to have in my opinion. I don't think I will ever buy a seat in the stands after experencing camping infield & being able to sit on top of the camper or sit in your own lawn chairs. It's the BEST!!

Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Gene received tickets for a Hot Pass / Garage Pass & since they've already been before they gave them to Chuckie & I!!!! We've never had Hot Passes before so we were excited!! When we walked down to the garage area the cars were being inspected one at a time before they were allowed to go qualify. I was able to get good pics of the cars and we even saw a couple of drivers! We saw Mark Martin, Carl Edwards, Kurt Busch,& Marcus Ambrose. I was so hoping to see my favorite driver Ryan Newman but I didn't.

I ended up getting too hot at the garages and had to lay down when we got back to the camper! I felt plum sick! Headache, nauseous & extremely hot. After laying down for a couple of hours I did some better.

The Nation Wide race was tonight (Saturday) at 7:30pm. Chuckie sat on top of the camper but since I still was feeling ill I stayed in the camper. Tomorrow night is the Sprint Cup race at 7:30 pm. I am planning on sitting on top of the camera and taking pics!! Then Monday morning we will be heading back to Trenton to get ready for work on Tuesday. Except for Chuckie who is off another week!! Lucky guy!!
Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Aunt Amee & Amer
Amer standing by the fence as the race cars go zooming by!
Our camper is on the left & Uncle Gene & Aunt Ruthie are camping to the right of us. We are located on Turn 1!

Uncle Chuckie & Amer chessin' for me!

Aunt Ruthie gave Chuckie & I Hot Passes for the Garage Area! We've never had passes to tour the garage area. The crew members were getting the cars ready for inspection time in order to race Sunday night @ 7:30pm. We really enjoyed walking through and seeing each cars garage.

Aunt Ruthie brought her little scooter! She rode it out front & met Frances & Amer there. They checked out the hauler trailers. Lots of merchandise is sold from these trailers.
I just love this little car! While Chuckie & I were walking around at the Atlanta Motor Speedway track we found this cute little UPS truck. Of course I just had to have my picture taken with it!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! it looks like yall had a good time! Gettin' outta small town life for a while is never a bad thing, but commin' home is the best feeling =)

My name is Amee said...

Leandra-we had a wonderful time! You are so right, coming home is the best feeling!!!
Thanks for checking out my blog. :)