Sunday, September 26, 2010

Babysitting My Little Nephew Kason

I was lucky enough to spend my day Saturday, September 25, 2010 babysitting my sweet little nephew Kason aka Bubee. I am so in love with Kason. It is a total joy to spend time doing nothing but seeing about him. Being an Aunt is so much different than being a Mom. When I get to spend time babysitting him I don't have to worry about cleaning house, washing clothes, cooking lunch etc. because I always go to Karen & Jay's house! It's so much easier for Karen too because she doesn't have to worry about packing up Kason's baby items.
Karen and Jay decided to get away for one night in celebration of their 2nd Anniversary. I kept Kason until 5:00pm & then I took him over to his Nana & Papa's house (Jay's parents) to spend the night. I was so wishing I had agreed to keep for the night by staying @ Karen & Jay's house but Karen didn't think I'd be up to it after working all week & driving back & forth from Gainesville everyday.
Kason is starting to crawl!! He will crawl about three spaces & then he lays down. He has the sitting up by himself down pat. He seems too little to being doing this. I already miss him being a little baby! Several times I would look up & Kason would be sitting there just staring at me! I would smile & then he would smile right back. We made a game out of me tickling him under his arm pits! He was laying in the crook of my arms & I would say, "I'm gonna get you" & then lift up his arm and tickle him. He would actually laugh!! I almost called Karen to get her to listen but I didn't.
Karen & I txted back several times during the day. I sent her pics of Kason to her on her phone. They stayed @ the Hilton in St. Augustine. She txt me one time saying, "Guess what? They have a Hobby Lobby here!" I have been in Hobby Lobby in Ocala & told her & Mom that we needed to go. So now she knows what I'm talking about when I say, "Hobby Lobby!"
Brandon came over & brought some pizza from Pizza Hut. Then Chuckie came over on his lunch hour. So Kason was able to give out even more baby sugars. :)
I gave Kason a bath & fed him before taking him to Nana's.We drove to their house & Kason helped me drive. No I didn't drive on the highway we drove in the ditch. When we walked in the side door & Nana was in the kitchen with Granny & Jady. I handed Kason to Nana & he looked back to me as if to say, "Why are you leaving me Aunt Amee?" I almost started crying!! We walked to the living room to see Jady's little brother Jake. Nana sat Kason down on the quilt & again he looked at me with the same look..."why, Aunt Amee?" I kissed him bye & then aruged with myself why didn't I tell Karen weeks ago that I would keep him for the night! So I've learned something. Next time I'm volunteering to keep Kason for the night!!!!!!

I put these cute shoes on Kason. Who knew they would provide him with entertainment!?

Kason ended up getting one of his shoes off & was going to chew on it so I put them on the coffee table. Well he watched me sit them there & he crawled over to the table & tried pulling up!!! So it will not be long & he will be into everything!!

Me & my Sweetie Pie!

Brandon stopped by to see Kason! He was headed to Ken & Kris's house to watch some football games.

Kason loved Brandon's silver watch!

Mr. Smiley!