Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

I wrote the below post on December 25, 2010, Saturday:

Merry Christmas!!

It’s 6:45pm here in Florida. It’s raining and going to turn cooler! High of 53 degrees tomorrow. Monday night it will be low in the 20’s!! Pretty cold for here in Florida! :) :) I’m LoViNg it!

We had a wonderful Christmas Day @ my sister and brother in laws house (Karen & Jay). They have a 9 month old little boy, Kason. He was so much fun to be around. At one point after lunch, my Mom, Dad, Sister, Kason & I went to his bedroom and just sat around & watched him play. Just fun simple times but what nice memories!!!

Colby brought Sarah over and she was a joy to be around. Her and Colby knew I was “making” them something but they didn’t know what. I created them a scrapbook with their engagement pictures!! I had been working on it for several weeks. I loved creating something for them that will become more meaniful as times passes!! They both really loved the scrapbook!!!

Brandon hooked his Wii up (he bought it with graduation money) & played it while we were finishing cooing. We bought him another game and gun & controller for Christmas. He also got a book that Tim Tebow partially wrote.

We gave Karen & Jay a 8x10 collage with pis of them and Kason from the first 9 months. I put it in a pretty frame with blue jewels. They loved it!

I took a pic of Moma and Daddy & put it in a frame & also a pic of their two cocker spaniels- Lucy & Sawyer & put it in a fram & gave them that as their present. They really liked it!

Money really has been tight this year so Chuckie and I didn’t switch presents this year. We were both in agreement to this. This is the first time in 21 years that this has happened! It really did stink having to do this, but yet was worth it if it meant having money to do for other people!

We had an abundance in food! We are all so blessed in what all we have.

Here's my youngest son & I {Brandon} sweetheart!

Brandon & his Aunt Karen which is my sweet sister. 

Colby {my oldest} holding Kason.. :)

Colby with his fiance Sarah. I still can't believe I'll
finally have a daughter!!! I loved buying her Christmas gifts! :)

Brandon with his book Gators for God. 

Colby, Sarah & my Mom aka Nanny having fun opening

My parents with their youngest Grandson. Karen totally surprised
them by having Kason pictures taken pictures taken for Christmas time!

Colby & Sarah opening their scrapbook I made them with all of their
engagement photos!!! They both really loved it!

They are still checking it out!

Brandon with his Wii gun. He ended up getting a couple of hunting games, a new 
controller and guns. 

Colby & Sarah gave us a gift card to Outback Steakhouse!! Yummy!!

Colby & Sarah ended up getting me 3 scrapbook albums!!! Yay!!!

Kason playing with his new telephone we got him!

Brandon was going to feed Kason and rock him to sleep. Well Kason had other
plans! Neither of the two items above were in Kason's plans!! lol

This year Karen bought a little tree to put up on the counter since Kason is so 
little. Next year her big tree will be going up!!

Jay and his little helper aka Kason putting together his little four wheeler Pa and Nanny
bought him!!!

Jay and Daddy.... Jay loved the smoked turkey!!

Moma, Daddy, Karen, Kason & I hung out in the nursery for a while just to watch
Kason play!! It was ver relaxing!

It's time to go home... :( Karen & Kason telling us bye....

This pic should have been the first one!! Kason chose to go to Uncle Chuckie 
instead of to his Aunt Amee!! Ummm. The little stinker! lol

Aunt Amee finally getting to hold little stinker!!! I wuv him soooooooo much! What a wonderful
blessed Christmas we all had!


Boopaloop girl said...

I just love your Christmas pictures!! I can see the love in all of you guys. jean...xo