Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas Again! (2nd Christmas Get Together)

Happenings on Sunday - December 26, 2010.  We went to worship services Sunday morning and then headed to Papa & Granny's house afterwards. We stopped @ Little Caesars Pizza on the way there for some pizza & yummy crazy bread. It had seriously been a long time since we had ordered pizza from there. By the time Chuckie and I arrived Colby, Sarah & Brandon were already there and they were hungry! We all sat at the table together and enjoyed lunch.
Colby, Sarah & Brandon got their present.....Papa & Granny gave Colby truck mats for his Dodge, they gave Sarah a pretty pair of sterling silver earrings & a Gator blanket & they gave Brandon diamond plate side rails for the back of his truck. We had agreed with Papa and Granny not to get one another anything for Christmas but they surprised us and got us a $25.00 gift card to Outback and one to Red Lobster!
We enjoyed a nice afternoon spending time with family. :) Here's a few pics:

Colby & Sarah...They make the cutest couple!!

The three big kids up wrapping presents.

Papa unwrapping his watch from Granny!

Colby & his truck mats.. Sarah has her blanket in her lap...

Granny looking at her clothes from Papa....

Chuckie looking at our gift cards to Outback & Red Lobster. He's thinking the same
thing I was: wait, we weren't suppose to swap presents!

Papa & Granny with the Grandson and soon to be Grandaughter!

Chuckie and I....
Then End!!