Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kason Loves The Vacuum Cleaner Per His Mommy! :)

My sister sent the funniest txt last night!! (I'm blogging about it so I can share it with y'all but also so I'll have it written down somewhere so it won't be forgotten!) She said she probably has the only baby boy that cries when the VACUUM CLEANER IS SHUT OFF because that means he can't chase it anymore. Now mind you he's almost 10 months old. I thought she was going to say he was crying because the vacuum cleaner scared him! Oh's because he can't chase it anymore. How funny is that? Too funny!!! I will post a recent picture of him tonight when I get home. :) :)

Karen & Kason :)

Look how he's holding onto his Mommy! :) There's nothing like a 
your baby holding onto you!


A Cannon Photography said...

He is getting so big! Hes such a little doll.....