Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Mom {One} of My Bestest Friends!

On February 5th 20th 2011 (I'm running behind on posting!) Mom and I ventured off to Gainesville to do something we've never done together but had often talked about doing: going to Books A Million to hang out with no time limit! You know like look around, grab a magazine and actually sit down at one of their tables and chill!! How relaxing does that sound? As you can see that did happen:

We stayed at Books A Million for a couple of hours just enjoying ourselves. By the time we left we were starving. Mom said she was treating me to lunch & I could pick anywhere to eat!! How sweet is that? I picked Cracker Barrel. I could just taste some chicken & dumplins!! Lunch was excellent!! Yummy yummy is all I have to say! :)

We went to Michael's afterwards. You know we girls have to end the day shopping for some scrapbook supplies! We love our 40% coupons!! (Well actually until today it would have been only 1 girl loves her scrapbook supplies, but Mom announced to me while shopping that she wants to try scrapbooking!!! It did my heart so good to hear her say that. What I would give to have just one scrapbook from her with some of my baby pictures from her!) So hint, hint Moma! That would be one awesome Christmas present. :) No pressure though.
I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful special Mom as I do. I'm so glad she lives only 5 miles from me and we get to worship the Lord together every week and attend Bible study together. How blessed we are. I Love You Mom and I so enjoyed ou day together!!!


Carrie said...

I am pretty sure you had a day I dream of having too!!!

TCS said...

I love that you and your Mom got to spend time (without time limits on it) doing exactly what you wanted to. Like you I love me some Cracker Barrel and shopping at Michael's.