Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kason Is Loved

Kason my sweet handsome nephew is growing up too fast. He will celebrate is 1st Birthday March 1st!! My how this first year has flown by. I'm so lucky he lives about 10 miles from us so I've seen him often!! I've enjoyed every minute! More especially since my boys are 18 & 21!! I've soaked up every minute from rocking Kason & watching him stare at me & then falling off to sleep to watching him hold his head up which was instantly (he wasn't the typical helpless little baby!) & then it wasn't long he was crawling & then by 10 months he was starting to walk which was way to soon for us!! I can say Kason has been a very determined baby. When he wants something he goes for it and does not give up!

Kason has had a very hard time with acid reflux. He's had many dr. appts. & many a sleepless nights. I feel for Kason & his Mommy which is also my Sister, Karen. She has done such an amazing job!! I always new she would be an amazing Mommy but I just had no idea how much until I got to see her in action. It has been trying especially those first 6 months! She did it and did it amazingly well and not on much sleep to say the least. She walked those floors of th house on many a nights while holding Kason! Kason has that bond with her that will last a life time, because I know from experience. Brandon, my youngest son had a very bad case of colic after he was born & the only person he wanted was me. We still have that special bond that has with stood time! Now don't get me wrong Kason loves his Daddy too. His Daddy can walk in the room and Kason is walking to him for Jay to pick him up! It's so sweet. Kason is very lucky little boy to have such a good Mommy & Daddy to take such good care of him! Kason rocks their world! But then again he rocks my world, his Pa & Nanny Arrington's world & his Papa & Nana Drigger's world & Granny Drigger's world! He is