Friday, January 28, 2011

Our Son's 21st Birthday!

     I can't believe our oldest son Colby is 21 years old! Oh my oh my, where has the time went too?
     We celebrated his Birthday by having family & friends meet us at the Ben Jack Hunting Camp. We have hunted here at the camp for years. I know since Chuckie & I met back in 1989 they've hunted here and I know they've hunted there for several years before that!  We have celebrated many Thanksgivings & Christmas's down at the good ole' camp.
     Chuckie grilled hamburgers & hotdogs for everyone. We had some good tastin' barbque beans that Granny made & boy were they yummy! Also added to the menu was some tasty coleslaw & chips. After lunch we had a marble cake from Walmart. It was good but I've tasted better. But who's complaining?
I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Colby with his finace Sarah. :)

Colby & I. He will always be my little boy! ;)

Colby & his brother Brandon.

Colby & his Dad. :)

Cousin George with their 3 week old baby named Olivia! Such a beautiful
& sweet baby!

Stacey taking time to smile!

Josh & Melissa :)

Nan had been riding Brooke and Amer around in the hunting woods. I can remember
going riding with Colby, Brandon, Josh & Mandy when they were little!! It seems just like a few years ago!

Brianna fell asleep while Nan was riding them around on the four wheeler!

We all had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Colby's 21st Birthday! :)


Tania said...

Happy Birthday Colby!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Colby! And sorry it took so long to get back to you Amee, I got my background at looks like you found a valentine background anyway!

Amy J said...

Hi Amee! So nice to meet you... thanks for stopping by my blog :) Blessings!

Carrie said...

Amee! I can't believe you have a 21 year old son. Seriously?! You look like the momma of a 4-year-old!!!