Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Relaxing Saturday Evening.....

          We had a very relaxing Saturday evening. Chuckie did have to work but met me at Karen & Jay's house after work. I had been visiting for a couple of hours with Karen & Kason. Kason is so very sweet. He's walking all over the place!! It's such a joy just to sit and watch Kaon play. He has touched so many lives in such a special way!
     I called Chuckie to see if he wanted to ride to Suwannee when he got off work. I had my camera with me (as always!!) and I'd been wanting to take pics of a sunset on the water for quite a while! He agreed and said he'd meet me at Karen's. He brought me a yummy Mickey D's quarter pounder with cheese, their yummy fries & a sweet tea for me to eat on our way. It's always better when you're headed on an adventure! I'd never been to Suwannee before & didn't realize how far it was! It was about 22 miles from Old Town.
     It seemed so relaxing when we arrived. It had this very peaceful calm feeling while we were riding around. I loved seeing the the gulf water and the sun headed down. It doesn't get much better than this!!! One of my close friends Renee and her husband have just purchased a condo here in Suwannee! They are so going to enjoy their time down here!!! I did txt Renee so I could find out the name of their Condo so we could find it. It looked very nice!
     We finally decided on a nice spot to take pics. There was a man fishing who just happened to catch a crab right when we walked up! Boy was that crab mad!!! The sand gnats were starting to bite too! As the sun went down they kept bitting more and more!
Here's some pics from the evening:


Crystal said...

Those pictures are beautiful!! They look like postcards! What kind of camera do you have...I think I may need one ;)