Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Beginning...called Atkins Diet in Progress as of Today!!!

     (This was written 3/31/11..sorry so late for posting, but as my Mom always said, "Better late than never!" ):   Today is a new day for me. I have started the Atkins Diet! I am kind of nervous, excited, anxious all rolled together! I know I can do it because I did it back in 2004. I just fell off the bandwagon big time! I'm not going to call this a diet though...I'm going to call this a lifestyle change! I just want to use the Atkins Diet to really jump start the process and really until I get to where I "want" to be then I want to eat healthy and not go back to my emotional eating!
I also know I have got to incorporate excercise into my new way of living. I'm just not sure how or when!!! I definetly want to get the diet down pat first. Some of you that read my blog already know this but for those of you who don't I have Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (more in depth explanation will be for another post!). So it's really hard to feel like exercising, but I know I need to fit some in so that I can maximize my weight loss & to become healthier. I will. Soon.
Chuckie got up this morning and fixed my breakfast for me!! Since I've started my job at Shands (Aug. 2009) & I have to leave the house between 6:30-6:45 he always fixes my lunch for me & packs it! ;) He says its because I fixed his lunches when we were first married (for the first 6 or 7 years) so now it's his turn!  This morning he fixed me scrambled eggs, fried bacon & broke into pieces & put it in a bowl with the eggs & sprinkled a little bit of cheese on top! I ate it on my way to work. :) Yep, I was multi tasking! My healthy breakfast was delicious!!!! I enjoyed a Diet Cherry Pepsi too. I called Chuckie after I finished eating to thank him. :) This did hold me until lunch too! I know this is alot better than a Debbie Cake Honeybun! lol
For lunch today I fixed a salad, two slices of lunch meat ham, one slice of cheese broke into little pieces, 1/2 tomatoe & a tablespoon Ranch dressing. I still need to buy the fat free kind. It's on my list! Oh yeah & SoBe Life Strawberry Kiwi Life Water. CVS has them BuyOneGetOneFree! :)
For supper I ate two chicken patties (the kind you fix in the oven) & put shredded cheese on top & 3 slices of tomatoes. I was extremley full!
All in all today I was not hungry in between meals, I didn't crave sugar, & I feel satisfied!! I'm totally surprised, espescially about not craving sugar!!! Who would have thought? 
I did find an inspiring quote which made me really think about doing the Atkins NOW. Here it is:


Tania said...

I love that quote, think I may have to put that on my fridge. I know what you mean about the exercise, I have back problems and I have to be careful with what I do. I have found that riding my bike doesn't bother me so I do that, at least it is a start. Good luck to you and I am happy for you.