Friday, October 21, 2011

One of My Favorite Blogs to Read: DecorandtheDog

     I honestly can't say how I found this really cool inspirational blog: Decor and the Dog blog, but I'm so loving reading all of Michelle's post. I'm also totally digging their Beautiful furry child: Ike!!! He looks like such a fun, fun, fun furry child! He's really captivated me. I just look at him and do nothing but SMILE! This is so not like me. I am a devoted Cocker Spaniel lover. I mean we have two of our own & they are our children with fur! Ike has just captivated me so much that I just had to do a post so I could share what I've seen at Michelle's blog!
     I asked Michelle if she minding me posting pics of Ike and her only concern was Ike would get a bigger head than he already has! :) :) lol So here's a few pics of the cutie pie:
Isn't Ike the cutest thing ever?

Ike is very photogenic! 

Love this pose of Ike!!! He is just adorable!

So our sweet furry doesn't feel left out here's a cute pic of them:
Newman is on the left & Ollie is on the right. :) 


April said...

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