Sunday, October 30, 2011

Preparing For Sarah's Bridal Shower!

  Yesterday was a very productive day. First & foremost I was able to sleep until 9:15. This is very welcomed considering I'm up at 5:45 Mon. - Fri. to head to work. When I woke up my babies were right there beside me. No I don't have "babies as in human", I have furry babies aka Newman & Ollie. They like to wait on me to get up then they get all excited! Ollie runs in circles before he leaves the room. If they could talk they would  say, "Yay, Mom is up, what are we going to today?"
     I had a busy day planned which consisted of going to my mother in laws house 'Frances' & working on arranging flowers for Sarah's (my future daughter in law) bridal shower. I got my inspiration from pinterest! See, those hours of pinning was very much important. ;)
     Of course I had to run my McDonalds & get me a hamburger Happy Meal on the way out there. I love their unsweet tea with 10 splenda added to it. (They will add it for you if you ask!)
     Sarah's bridal shower is going to be country chic. I'm so hoping it turns out like I envision it to be! Here's a pic of the flower arrangements Frances & I made:
We have ten tables to decorate so we have ten mason jars all decorated! I'm also working on a pendant banner also! It's going to say "Love Is In The Air". I feel like we got alot accomplished. 


Carrie said...

I love love love these arrangements! Girl, I am way behind on my blog reading and trying to get caught up. Congrats on your son's engagement. I know you must be so excited!

Monika Wright said...

I adore the arrangements you and your MIL created. Classy and shabby chic at the same time, the burlap is the perfect touch. Thanks for always stopping by, I appreciate you so much.