Friday, November 4, 2011

{Little Bit of This & Little Bit of That}

     Happy Friday!! Here in Gator Country aka Gainesville, Florida it's the University of Florida Homecoming!! "Go Gators!" Unfortunately I have to work so I will not be at the Gator Homecoming Parade. But I am very thankful I have a job that I really like. I have the best coworkers & now I call them close friends a girl could ask for! I know without a doubt God had in huge hand in me ending up working at Shands Hospital.

 But in all things I am thankful even though sometimes I take stuff for granted!! I hear from patients all day long that have had or have cancer, strokes, heart, liver, kidney transplants; somtimes they are discouraged, grumpy, & sometimes thankful. I heard someone recently say, " I am so thankful I had a heart transplant I now can live." It makes me think, "we should all live like we've just had a transplant that has saved our life!" Just think what positive attitudes this would accomplish if we would think that even every once in a while.

     I have found so many quotes on Pinterest that I love. One of my very favorites is this:
This sums it up doesn't it!?

     Right now on this day, Nov. 4th 2011, I am most thankful for my family, friends, my health (because I know it could be 100x worse!), my job, change of season, blue skies & gray skies, for Jesus dying on the cross for each & every one of us, our home (even though we are renting & it's not my dream house by know means. Sometimes I think God is testing me or wanting me to learn  gratitude:the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.) I am learning each day not to focus on the things I don't like about our house, instead I look at it as our home for now & one day we will found our house. 
     I believe we all have our struggles in some way or another. What are you thankful for? What are your struggles?