Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monogram Prop for Maternity Photo Session

     I wanted to come up with something special or unique for a photo shoot I had planned several weeks ago & I remembered something our local scrapbook store sells. They sell card board letters (like "A") & they are around 18inches tall. So I decided since Michelle is having a little girl that will be named Amelia, I went with a letter "A".
     I have tons of scrapbook paper so I searched for something with pink & brown since Amelia's nursery is decorated in pink & brown. (Her crib set is the real tree cameo in the pink/brown color!!) I found the perfect color combination of paper to cover the letter "A" in.
     I used two 12x12 sheets of paper, Modge Podge, some paper flowers I bought at my local scrapbook store & some little jewels I bought at Walmart down the diy jewelry making aisle.
     I forgot to take a before pic of the letter "A" , but it was just plain card board color. Here's my finished project:
I was happy with how my "A" turned out. :) (see my necklaces hanging on the edge of the shelf? note to self: always remove items like that! oops!)

These were paper flowers I layered & added a little jewel to the middle. :)

     This is the first time I've posted about a craft I've made & it's also the first time I've used Modge Podge. I was really happy with it. I'll continue to by more & I plan to share what I make & write about it.
     Looking at Pinterest really has got my creative juices flowing & may be to working on my future daughter in laws shower has helped too. Which reminds me, I have a BIG mirror I'm going to turn into a chalkboard! :) I'll post about here soon, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Very cute!