Monday, November 7, 2011

The Simple Things in Life

     A recent visit with my sweet little nephew Kason,  proved to me that it's the simple things in life which are so amazing. Haven't you always heard a child has more fun with something that really wasn't meant to be a toy? Well Kason has proved that point.
     As his Mommy (which is my little sister, aka Karen) was folding clothes when he spotted the laundry basket & believe me, she could not get those clothes out of there fast enough for him. He was throwing one leg over the basket trying to get in before she could remove the freshly dried clothes. It's funny how he looked at that basket & thought, wow I'll climb in it. (Kason is 19 months old, btw)
     I made a few scrapbook pages documenting my recent visit using this awesome digital scrapbooking software called My Memory Suite. I've found this one to be the best one for me! I bought it a few months ago & was able to get it for 40% off! It's $29.97 at amazon.
     Here's my digital scrapbook pages:

Kason's love is french fries!
(note to self to double check to see if any digital items like the brown photo corners are still on page after
I thought I deleted them!)

Laundry basket = boys best friend!

Kason loves to play with Karen's iPhone. 

He LOVES to be rocked! Most especially if it's his Mommy rocking him.

This sweet little guy calls me "Aim Aim".  <3
I love this little fella so very much. It's always so much fun to go visit Karen, Jay & Kason. I leave there 
feeling so thankful to have them in my life.