Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Jessica!! (Oct. 31st)

     Sunday afternoon I received a txt on my phone from my Best Friend's daughter, Jessica asking me if Brandon & I would like to come eat supper with them on Monday evening celebrating her 20th Birthday. She told me she understood if we couldn't. I told her I would definitely be there but Brandon already had plans with a friend to work on his term paper. I was thrilled that Jessica wanted us to be part of her Birthday dinner. :) It really did make my day...actually it made my whole week & I'm sure I'll think about it a milion times & it will make me smile each time. :)
     Jessica is such an important part of my life. I remember Jessica when she was little newborn baby. We sat several rows back from them in church. I watched Jessica while Robin rocked her & burped her & thought what a beautiful baby girl! I know she is going to be a beautiful young lady. Well it hit me yesterday that so much time has went by..20 years worth of time & now she is that sweet Christian young lady that I once dreamed of what she would look like. :)
     I could have only hoped when she was a baby that I would play such an important part of her life that she would want Brandon & I to come over celebrate her 20th Birthday with her!
     You see I don't have any girls...I have two boys. So being in Jessica's life has been such a blessing. I have been so blessed to be able to watch her grow up. Her and Brandon started school together & were in the same Kindergarten class. So that meant I went on field trips together & was able to experience that with them. Brandon & Jessica have actually shared many classes together through their school years! I have been to their Bday parties & Jessica & her family have been to our boys Bday parties. We've even went on many beach vacations together. They have went many a day to Bible Class together too. We still attend the same church all these years later. :)
     The most important & specialist day was when Jessica was baptized!!! Such a blessing to be able to see that. :) She truly is a child of God.
     Here's some pics of Jessica's 20th Bday dinner we had her house:
Jessica (left) & KaSandra (right) have been Best Friends since Kindergarten!

Jessica's sweet kitty cat. :)

Bell resting while we eat supper. He actually fell asleep while waiting on us.

Robin made some awesome chicken & gravy, green lima beans, broccoli & cheese & yeast rolls, & sweet tea. It was delicious!

Jessica with her plate of food. :)

Jessica's Mom made her this cheesecake. Robin also made another cheesecake topped with strawberries! (Opps didn't take a pic of it.) I had two pieces of it. :) It was soooo good!

We all love birthday presents. ;)

Jessica liked her gift I bought her. :)

Jessica read her cards to made us all laugh. :)

 I had a wonderful evening celebrating with you Jessica. :) I love you more than you know. :) I hope to be there for more wonderful celebrations!! You have so much ahead of you..nursing school, marriage, children ....& I plan to be there for all of it.
(((Hugs))) to you.