Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

     Our Christmas started out Friday night with dinner at my mother & father in laws house. I had to work until 5:00pm so I wasn't able to help prepare any of the food. Frances had everything cooked when I arrived. Chuckie, Brandon, Colby & Sarah were already there too.
     Before we ate supper, Frances told Colby & Sarah they had a wedding present for them. They ordered them a new washing machine from Lowe's. It will be delivered next week! They gave Sarah the sheet which described what they were getting. She started crying then Frances started crying. It was oh so sweet because she was genuinely thankful. :)

     Frances baked a ham (one of my personal favorites!),  home made: scalloped potatos, mac n cheese, freshly baked bread & green beans!!! We all ate entirely too much! But oh was it good. :)
    We weren't suppose to exchange gifts with Richard & Frances, but they surprised us and got us gift cards to Outback, then for Sarah & I a gift card to Old Navy & the guys gift card to Gander Mountain. :) You can tell where we will be eating soon!!! We were very thankful for our surprised gifts.
                                                Stay tuned to Part Two tomorrow!


Crystal said...

Glad you had a good part 1 to your Christmas...looking forward to part 2!