Monday, December 26, 2011

Part Two to Christmas 2011

     Christmas day fell on a Sunday this year. Unfortunately Chuckie had to work. We attended worship services just like we do each  Lord's Day. After services I drove back to the house to load up presents. I was not organized at all this year. (Note to self: do better in 2012!) I knew we were going to celebrate Christmas this year at my sister's house. So that would mean loading everything up and carrying it to their house. Doesn't sound so bad does it? Well it wouldn't have been had I not waited until Christmas morning to put items in their gift bags! I was going to wrap items Saturday night, but realized I did not have any tape!!!
     Luckily Brandon came back to the house too and helped me load up all the presents. :) Karen fixed chili and we also had hotdogs. I tried my first chili cheese dog! My sweet sister even fixed it for me! I liked it a lot. You know food always taste better when someone else cooks it!

 We all had so much watching Kason open his presents! It just makes me realize how special each and ever moment is because they grow up so fast. It's just the simple things in life like watching Kason get so exited over his toys. 
As of today Monday 12/26/11 this is by far Kason's favorite toy! Good job 
Nannie & Pa!

Kason is loving his tent!!

Yes, this is my 6ft. son Colby in Kason's little tent! I just love this pic!

Look, Colby & Brandon do get along!

Colby wearing his Florida Gator sun glasses....Sarah checking out her present...

Aunt Karen bought Colby & Sarah a beautiful Christmas ornament of a Bride & Groom!

Go Gators!!!

Our sweet Newman. :)

Our sweet Ollie. 

Chuckie & I...

Clothes for Christmas is always good!

Cute pic of the love birds!

Pa & Kason...Kason knows how to cheese!

Uncle Chuckie & Kason....

Karen's beautiful Christmas tree!

Oh wow, a pop up tent!

Uh oh, Colby's doesn't know what he's in for!

Colby was such a good sport! I asked me to please do the Home Alone scene... I did ask Brandon too, but he refused! :(

My first attempt to do Bokeh!!! Not too shabby, huh?

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday season! I know we sure did!!! Now to bring on a fantastic 2012!!! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for the Eastmans'!!! :)


Carrie said...

So fun, Amee! I know y'all are going to have a big week leading up to the wedding :) I can't wait to see pictures of the BIG day!