Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fear of Crashing

      No I'm not talking about fear of crashing while I'm flying, not that I've ever flown before! I would love to one day, like maybe if we ever fly to Hawaii or Alaska. I'd rather cruise on a ship to Alaska. Wait, maybe we could fly to Washington then cruise to Alaska. Wow, that sounds like a brilliant idea. Ummm, maybe for our 25th Anniversary present to one another! I think we had better start saving NOW!
     I have a fear of my computer crashing...deleting all my photos forever & ever! I've been trying to  upload pics from my computer to Shutterfly every few months, just in case my computer crashes. Then I'll have an extra set else where. They offer free unlimited photo storage. They also offer another free service called My Share Site. Once you sign up for your free Shutterfly account, you upload yours pic to individual albums and then separate from those pics you create your Share Site. It's really a very nice way to have an extra place for your photos to be just in case your computer does accidentally crash!
     It's a very nice way for relatives & friends to view your photos and order pics at their discretion. They can then choose which photos they want. I've been using Shutterfly for quite a while and I love the quality of the photo developing. It's so much better than Walmart!! Their prices are reasonable and I always receive my photos before I'm expecting them!!
     If you don't have a Shutterfly site, I do recommend one. At least you'll be able to sleep at night knowing your photos are safe!
Here are few photos from several years ago:
Wow how time flies. These pics are from 2004~Colby & Brandon riding horses at 
Nannie & Pa's house. 
Oh how I love looking at older photos, but at the same time it makes me so sad!! My little
boys aren't little anymore!!!! The time just flies by too fast.
For all of you that have little one PLEASE try to enjoy each & every
moment. :)

My Daddy aka Pa and cowboys!! 

Brandon, Pa & Colby. Look how little my Brandon is!!!! Awwww. I just 
wanna cry. Oh how I love my boys!!!

I will probably end up adding more pics to this post very soon. ;)