Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bath Time

     Our sweet babies are not thrilled when it's bath time.I learned my lesson by not saying, "come on boys, it's bath time" because they will run...away from me! I normally just walk up to Newman & pick him up and carry him to the tub. He doesn't like it and he will normally start shaking a little but he stands there so patiently. I talk so sweet to him, telling him "it's okay, Mommy just needs to wash you so you will be nice and clean." Do y'all do that too, talk to your furry children while bathing them?

     When Newman is finished with his bath then it's time to find Ollie. Ollie will be hiding in our bedroom or on the couch and he will be shaking too. I promise I've never mistreated them for the to not like their baths! I talk to sweet Ollie too...he just stands there and lets me bathe him.

     They both love it though after the fact. They love it when I finish drying them with a towel & say, "you can go." They tear off running through the house, rolling on the carpet & rubbing up against the couch. They are funny to watch.

      They both bring so much joy to our house and especially to me. I say that, but honestly they bring joy to each of us in there different ways. I love it when I sit at the couch recliner, Newman will jump up beside me and want to sit in my lap.

     Ollie is more like a lap doggie. He would sit with someone all the time if we would let him. He LOVES to lick but we've almost stopped that just by telling him no and turning our head. Every once in a while he gets a lick in. :)

     Here's a few pics of our boys after there bath:

We L.O.V.E. our furry children. I just hate to think of the day when they aren't with us. It makes me so sad to think of it. It crosses my mind at least once a week. :( I know, I know just enjoy our time with them!! I have thought this before: I know it will be so very hard to handle when we don't have them in our lives. My fear is when one of them passes away the other is going to be so lonely. They are like brothers...Newman is the youngest but the largest & he acts like Ollie is his brother. He will clean..I mean lick Ollie's eyes and Ollie lets him. It's just so sweet to see Newman taking care of Ollie, even though Ollie is the oldest!! I better quit typing before I start crying....