Thursday, January 19, 2012

Colby and Sarah's Visit to Savannah, Ga = Their Honeymoon

     Colby and Sarah went to Savannah, Georgia for their honeymoon. They stayed at the beautiful Marriott Hotel. I know it's beautiful because Karen & I took Robin there for her 40th Birthday several years ago. :)
I received a text from Sarah one evening that read, "carriage ride + hot chocolate = great honeymoon! I was so excited they were having such a good time!!
     Here's a few pics Sarah & Colby took on their honeymoon:
I love how Sarah thought to take pics of the backseat! 

 Aunt Karen made them a goody basket!

Arrived safe and sound!

Beautiful bridge in Savannah, Ga

I'm thinking they just left the sweet shop on River Street! ;)
It's actually a chocolate covered marshmellow stick!

They ate supper at Uncle Bubba's which is Paula Deen's brothers restaurant!


"Mr &  Mrs"

I love this pic of the lighthouse...the red just pops!


Here's the caption explaining why Sarah is holding a 
salt shaker:
 '"i had a sore throat and colby was sweet enought to go down to the hotel restaurant and get me salt to gargle with lol i asked for salt packets and brought back a shaker!"

Beautiful Tybee Island, Ga

Married Man. :)

Sarah, you did an excellent job taking photos!!! They turned out wonderful. :)


DecorandtheDog said...

We visited Savannah/Tybee this summer. I want to go back. Now.

Great photos!