Friday, April 20, 2012

Friends, Hunger Games, Dinner

     We started a new tradition at work. The girls as in Jean, Jenna & Tina & I are planning on going out to dinner once a month. We each contributed names of restaurants we would like to try. The first name we drew out of our list of names is Yamatos Japanese Restaurant. here in Gainesville. We planned for April 20th to be our first girls night out. We decided we would also see The Hunger Games! I first read the triliogy back in December. Then I convinced the girls they would really like it. So one by one they've read it. (Well Jean is almost finished with the third book).

Then the bad news came: Jean forgot she had a dentist appt. to have oral surgery! Oppsie. I thought Tina was going to have a melt down because she has talked about The Hunger Games book & movie every day since we planned this outing. So being the nice friend I am (haha) I suggested her and I would go see it and then we'd watch it again with the Jean & Jenna. Tina was up for that..she was smiling again! :)

Lauren another friend here at the hospital is going to join us & she may be bringing a friend too. I think we may eat at TGI Fridays for dinner then catch a 6:50 movie. I have heard good reviews of the movie. We are so excited to finally get to see it. The books were intense. I'm trying to imagine how they are going to bring this to life!

I'm hoping everyone has a blessed Friday & a wonderful weekend. :)


Sara said...

So fun! Did you love the movie? I really liked it. And I'd have zero problem watching it again and again! I drug my husband to the theater to see it with me, even though he hasn't read the books and he liked it too.