Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chuckie aka my hubby had to work today. ( He has to work every other weekend). I made Chuckie a Father's Day card from my stash of scrapbook paper & stickers I have and I think it turned out cute. He said he liked it better than me buying him a card! ( I made my Dad a home made card too and hand wrote a letter to him, which he loved!)

After church tonight our youngest son, Brandon took us out to eat in celebration for Father's Day & a late Mother's Day present. Colby & Sarah even joined us too. We had a good time eating good food & talking. 

I am very thankful to have such an awesome Dad for all these years. A Dad I could always count on, a Dad that has always provided us, & a Dad that loves the Lord. (I'll try to post a pic soon of my Dad & I..I have to find one & scan it!)


Tania said...

Love the card you made for your husband. So sweet of Brandon to take you all out to dinner and for Colby and Sarah to be able to join you.

By the way loving the chalkboard.