Monday, August 13, 2012

My New Adventure: Plexus Slim

     My new adventure is Plexus Slim. Until four weeks ago, this company was unknown to me. If someone had told me I would be buying this product, selling it and able to write a testimony for this product, I really wouldn't of  believed them. (For the record I never thought I'd have a testimony to any weight loss product!)

     Let me tell you how Plexus Slim fell into my lap. Four weeks ago, a friend on facebook sent my sister and I a private message to let us know she knew a few customers who have Fibromyalgia & have taken Plexus Slim and said they felt better. I honestly was skeptical and really didn't think it would help, but I know Dawn personally and knew she wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't  known to be true. My sister, Karen, bought us each a three day sample. Karen could tell by the end of the first day that she felt better. It took me till day two to see a difference in how I felt and by day three, I was thinking, "there is really something to what Dawn  was saying." Karen ordered us another three day sample. Before  day three was up, Karen ordered us a 30 day supply!! 

I'm so thankful Dawn took the time to tell us about Plexus Slim. I'm just as thankful to Karen for buying us the sample packs and then the 30 day supply, because at this point, I had been out of work since May9th  due to my Fibromyaglia & Chronic Fatigue. 

As of  August 9th, 2012, I have lost 16lbs and I have had energy and the greatest part is, I've felt better. It's hard to put into words, how I am feeling since starting my journey with Plexus Slim. My pain level is decreased quite substantially. My energy level has went sky high. I would honestly take this product even if I didn't lose one single pound because to me it's worth it to have my life back because having energy and feeling better is awesome! I now realize how sick I've been. Sometimes it's like don't realize how bad off you were until you get better. Luckily that's where I'm at. :) 

I signed up July 16, 2012 and became an Ambassador for Plexus Slim and my life has already changed...for the better of course! If you would like information on how to start your weight loss journey or would like to have more energy and feel better, here's my information:

Until Next Time ~