Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simple Days are the Best

     Last week I spent the day babysitting my sweet little nephew. He's amazes me with his manners. He almost always says, "yes'mam", he says the prayer for our food when we eat lunch and he has the heart the size of Texas!

Kason's best friend is "Ollie" which is a little stuffed doggie I gave him several months ago. He does not go anywhere without his little Ollie. Kason gest a treat when he goes potty, which is usually a skittle (one piece). He always gives Ollie the first bite!! Or if gets a lolly pop, Ollie gets the first taste. He understands the concept of leaving Ollie in the car if we stop at the grocery store so he doesn't get lost in the store. :) He's pretty good at reasoning. Since last week I bought him another little doggie which he named "Old Yeller", now he has two to keep up with. I'm sure Karen is just thrilled!

Kason and I had so much fun sitting out on the front porch blowing bubbles. I forgot how much they are. He had the best time trying to catch the bubbles on his wand and then reblowing them!! I had fun snapping pics of him! He would ask me after I snapped a pic, "Aim Aim, did you get it?" I would say, "Yes, Kason I got your picture." Something as simple as blowing bubbles made me realize it's just the simple things in life that mean the most. I'm so very thankful for the time I get to spend with Kason because I know how fast time flies! Our boys or should say young men are 22 & 20 years old! I'm thankful for the job I have working at home. I am able to spend more time with Kason, my family & extended family & friends, more time to clean house, & have down time. I'm super duper thankful for my blessings. :)

Here's a few of the pics I took:

Kason loved his little cupcake! We each had one. :) 


My Froley said...

wow what a polite little boy. I love when kids are taught to have manners, it's so rare these days !
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