Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day

This was a different kind of Christmas Day than any others. We woke up Christmas morning and it was just Chuckie and I. This is the first Christmas for Colby and Sarah as a married couple, so of course they weren't here. Brandon spent Monday night with Ken & Kris, which is really his second family. So that left just Chuckie, Newman, Ollie and I. I felt a little sad. This is just a glimpse of what our future will be like when Brandon moves out. I really miss having small kids & waking up with them so excited on Christmas morning.

Luckily, I knew we were all getting together at Karen & Jay's home that afternoon. Kason is big enough this year to  unwrap presents, so it will be exciting! 5:00 couldn't get here fast enough!!

Chuckie and I slept in which was nice! We even made Buckeyes together which was fun. He was better at it than me. To me that is just funny!!

By the time we got to Karen's everyone was already there! Daddy didn't come because he's still recovering from the flu. We sure missed having them there with us. Kason was a pure joy as always.

Kason wanted to help Brandon carry presents in from our car. 

Kason asked could he have "one" present? So I said, "of course you can!"
(yes I'm a sucker for a cute little boy who asked very nicely)

This present was from Colby and Sarah. He had so much fun unwrapping it!

I think he was amazed this was his! I love how he's just sitting there looking at it!

These are the Buckeyes Chuckie and I made. This is the second time I've made them and the first time for Chuckie. I did make them smaller than the last ones Sarah and I made. These were easier to dip into chocolate. 

These cookies were delicious. I think Jay's Granny and Aunt Kathy made these snacks.

Sarah brought these chocolate brownies. They were very good!

Colby and Sarah got a gift card from Aunt Karen and Uncle Jay. I think it was to a restaurant.

Sarah unwrapping her gift from us. I apologized for using a bridal gift bag. It was the only one I had that was big enough to hold her gift. Haha!

She liked her chest. When she opened it up it had another smaller chest in it. 

Their pretty tree!!

Colby's western shirt from us. I just love that it's orange and blue. Go Gators!!

Brandon looks just thrilled. He really dislikes having his picture made. Maybe this is because I always have a camera in my hand? I tell him one day he'll be glad he has all these pics. He did like his Duck Commander t shirt. :)

Sarah loved her Old Navy jacket!! It's so much fun buying clothes for a girl. I'm sure not use to that!!

One of Kason's items on his Christmas list was an umbrella and a two tar (guitar). So I found him a little Elmo umbrella. He LOVED it!!! (Santa brought him a guitar that morning.)

He was trying to protect Karen from the rain. haha

I found this shirt at Tractor Supply which fit Colby to a "T". It said, "FBI, farm bred intelligence!!!"

Daddy and Moma bought Kason this John Deere tractor with a trailer! Kason LOVED this present!! He loves anything that is battery operated and loves having a trailer. Nanny told him they would have to pick up sticks for Pa & would put them in the smoke house!!

He jumped right on it!!

Special memories in the making!

Zoom Zoom!!

This little tractor goes pretty fast!! He loved driving it!

Two of my guys!

There's pure talent! Kason riding a horse with his new umbrella. Priceless!!

We were in the bathroom with Karen while she was bathing Kason. Jay sure loves picking on Moma. It's funny to watch them. :)

We brought chili over and Moma fixed her home made chicken noodle soup. Yes, I had chicken noodle. It was so very good. There was enough left I was able to take a bowl home with me!!

I gave Moma and Daddy & Karen and Jay a dvd of all the videos I had of Kason for the first year of his life. We watched most of it and they loved it!! I waited until Christmas day to compile all the videos and Karen's dvd turned out fine, but when I went to play Moma's dvd no videos showed up!! So I've got to reburn hers. That's what I get for waiting till the last minute. I want to be organized but I think that's not going to happen. I'm going to work on it in 2013!!

We had a wonderful time at Karen and Jay's. We always do! They have such homey home & they have plenty of room. Thanks, Karen & Jay for offering to have Christmas at your house. We love y'all so very much!!!

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Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Oh, Amee, it's tough to have our boys grow up. I was lucky enough to have Zach here for Christmas, but it sure was tough on me last year with him not here. At least I've got a while longer with the girls, but by then I'll be reallllllly old and might enjoy the peace & quiet. Probably not. Oh, and I love the Zoom, Zoom photo! Glad you are close enough to all your family to get together to celebrate!