Monday, January 28, 2013

Babysitting the Sweetest Little Guy Ever!

     We've had such beautiful weather today. High of 78! I was at Karen and Jay's house at 8:55 this morning. I was playing with Kason all day! We went outside around 10:30 and I snapped pics of playing on the slide and playing in his Little House Tykes house. He picked me some flowers then he picked his Mommy some flowers! He is the sweetest little guy.
     Kason almost always has a gun in his hand. He knows he isn't suppose to shoot people. He's always shooting the bad guys or animals such as bears or wolves. He loves watching cowboy movies. Some of his favorite at the moment is Across the Great Divide, Old Yeller, & The Wilderness Family. He will ride in horse while watching his movies & of course he has in gun in one hand. He asked me the other day, "Aim Aim, will you ride double with me!!!" Bahahahaha..if y'all could have seen me stradling the back of his horse. It was hilarious!!
     Here's some pics from today:

He's such a big boy!

He loves playing outside!

I sent this pic to his Mommy and I think I gave her a heart attack! lol


Kason picked me some flowers! This little boy melts my heart!

He would rather use the window than the door! Typical little boy!!! :)

He loves his Little House made by Little Tykes! (they have the best play toys.)

These flowers were for his Mommy! I took this picture and sent it to her in a txt message. :)