Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nap Time, the Most Important Part of the Day!

How did I spend my Monday? I spent the day with the sweetest little boy on earth, named Kason. I loved that he was still in his little dinosaur pj's when I got there. His new little quirk is to either be hiding when I get there or to act like he's still asleep. haha...well this morning was no different! Karen opened the door before I even had time to knock. She gave me a look and said, "Amee, Kason's not here this morning!" I played right along and said, "Oh no! I thought we were going to ride horses and shoot his gun. Now what will I do?"  (He was sitting in the recliner with a blanket covering him.) About that time I hear his pistol shoot. lol He couldn't bear to sit quiet any longer!! I said, "I think I found him & snatched the cover off him." He thought that was funny and immediately started laughing. I love to see the different phases he goes through. Before long and it will be something different and this will be a thing of the past.

I was in the kitchen fixing Kason a glass of juice and noticed he wasn't in the living room. So I went to his bedroom and called his name because I couldn't see him. Guess where he was at? In his closet pointing to the play dough. I started laughing and said, "how did you know that was in here?" He just smiled and said, "please?" So I did what any good aunt would do...I took it off the shelf and we played with play dough. :) I think I had just as much fun as he did! 

The best part of my day was this:
Nap Time! I love snuggling with this sweetie pie. I can honestly say, "I've held him for every nap he's ever had while I've kept him!!" I know that in no time he'll be in school and this will not be an option. So I'm going to hold him and rock him every chance I get. I know his Moma & Nanny agrees with me too!! They hold him for his naps too. I mean, really what could be more important than bonding with your child? I can't think of one thing that's more important! There will always be clothes to wash & fold, dishes to do, floors to be swept, etc. When our kids are grown, that's when we'll look back and say, "I wish..." I know because that's where I'm at. That's why I'll rock Kason every chance I get. There's nothing sweeter for him to look at me as he's dozing off and smiles at me. This little boy is loved so much by each and every one of us. :)

My cute little cowboy riding Sonny. He named his horse after Pa and Nanny's horse. :)

Just a self portrait. I'm famous for taking these. hehehehe